ZUT NET Log 26 May 222

Net Control for the Net this week was Dave AD5MH in Oklahoma City, OK Fred K7ZUT returns 2 June.


KT4WA/Izzy Amver/sp//A/Izzy/KT4WA//B/261500Z May//G/Ocala FL//K/St Joe, FL/281630Z//K/will miss Saturday//Z20R//

(I guess they've rewritten the Amver format in the past 43 years?)

AB4PP/JP (Qsp from K7DCG/Dennis)Wx Ovct rain breezy temp 56 hi 60F lo 52 

KD2BOP/Fred GM Fred and ZUT gang hr Tuckerton wx temp 65 degs mostly sunny wind 9mph NW Nil

AB4PP/JP wx 69F es cldy  QRU

K4NMA/Dave  (Could not make out his traffic - QRN)

K4NMR/Tom  DadeCity wx 86F and ptly cldy today replacing HVAC Fan, resistor and wiring harness. My 2003 Dakota working and liking me  Nw QRU

K6CN/Harv Wx sunny temp 84F wind SE 7 mph.  All is well this QTH = QRU 73 all ZUT

K6KSG/Dick GM to all, well good wx today temp now 60 degs we had (missed) snow first part of week abt 2 feet, then rain about 2 inches , so that really helps the fire around the state.

N6NRV/Jim  Was QRT in France es Spain last 4 weeks. Novato wx sunny temp now 58F, fcst 68F now QRU ZUT

K7XSN/Smokey  Returned to WA and is wet and cold and dark cldy Amver lunch and nap. (Dude has his priorities straight!)

KE7A/Dick  Have good memorial day wx temp 75F clr wind calm

K7NMO/Pat temp 53F rain, wind SW 2mph, vis 7 miles baro 29.90.Sunset 2053 was in hospital after minor stroke and defib doing much better now.  ZUT

WA7VLT/Walt  Obs 51F cldy chance of rain wind SE 2mph baro 29.9 vis 10 mi. got my leg brace have a great weekend 73

AD4UB/Gene  wx (missed) high 92 calm

K7DDM/Dan  wx 65F sunny great day for fishing but yard work comes first


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